Hunting for Nature-Spirits…

So, my group-girls have voted to busy themselves with another “cutting edge” task, such as fairy-hunting, the likes of which has only been around for many tens of thousands of years! Well, I call them “parallel races” to sound more scientific and others like the Scottish Findhorn folks, Penny Kelly in her book, or the Perelandra people, call them Nature Spirits or Garden Energies.
My old Spiritual teacher over 40 years ago, brilliant and very clairvoyant, used to talk about these energies as if they were real, and I, young and smart and “scientific”, used to think: “OMG! Now we are talking about water-spirits at the tops of the waves and fairies that come into the house along with their fresh-cut flowers?? I think I am getting a headache! This must be one of these glitches some very sensitive people experience. Just ignore it as best you can.”
Well, I understand all that a little bit better now, and no, I don’t think that these…creatures are from the imagination of children. But these energies, pure spirit-consciousness, can’t do much with our very physical 3rd dimensional energy and neither can we unless we all have a body, just as our spiritual selves have one after ”building” it from childhood on. Theirs is a bit less dense than ours and therefore, less visible. (I call our body our moon-suit, so we can function “down here”, to make the idea of “earth-suit” for our body more familiar to us.)
Was it the famous psychologist C.G. Jung who used to call the ideas we have and mental constructs we build ”elementals” (elemental thought-forms)? And he further said although they were lifeless per se, they remained so strong via our own repeated focus upon them (i.e. obsessing about something). They were often so long-lasting and insistent, they might need extra time after death to dissolve.
It is not really advisable to be ignorant of our powerful creative capacities and their dynamics in general (especially as they work in the negative and destructive, like anger, for instance, or quiet resentment), but as we said, we are learning that these thought-forms we constantly produce also happen to work well as little “clothes” for these wee energy-fields, which can “wear” our ideas of them like little “elemental” suits, as we visualize THEM in our imagination. Is that too abstractly put? It’s hard to explain.
So, again, what I initially didn’t clearly understand, is that these nature energies need a body “to slip into”, maybe just as I thought of them when I was a child and read fairy-tale stories. Our thought forms, for instance imagining a flying fairy-girl a la Disney, or a gnome with a red cap and baggy pants, will serve just fine for them and ONLY so clothed can they actually intervene for those 3-dimensional flowers or vegetables or even us humans and our further thougth-form-building needs.
What a fascinating thought! Our human race is not going to fare so well if we don’t reconnect with these energies as we were in the olden days. But they need us as much as WE need them, or they are “just” spiritual beings and can’t tangibly act on things, as we are after death or out of the body as well. Just as I was in my coma, flying around as I call it, but with few people seeing or hearing me, and with no power to act, because we all are then separated from our body.
Also, if we suspect the fairy-folk have generally left our land, we might want to invite those nature spirits back into our lives and to help them be more productive, just like bees, and maybe we should talk more about how to do that at some later date. But we are learning that we have to BELIEVE in them first, so we can even see their little bodies with their rainbow-like swirling energies, which they can then “clothe” to make themselves more visible and useful to us. Does that make sense?
Remember to eat vital food to build up enough life energy so you can more dependably see or talk with these little folk or the spirit-world in general. Other things to build up energy besides eating a reasonable amount of digestible raw food is walking barefoot, for instance, which I have done for decades and am adressing in my current video.
In terms of building up our vital energy: The Siberian Anastasia, for those of you who know of her, used to say that it lasted about an hour after harvest for the Pranic energy, let’s say, from a freshly harvested apple, to remain before its vital force left and just a nice, hopefully organic, fruit with vitamins and minerals remained. But that life energy is there initially to feed the soul and build its energy, while thereafter, only vitamins and minerals remain but are still used to feed the body itself. So, trying to eat things fresh from the garden or nature is a wonderful way to import vital energy.
For a while, we can survive on physical energy alone, but without the vitality that comes from some of these sources, like the activities of the nature spirts, or the radiation from the sun, healthy spring water, or earth-energies, we will really be appearing more like “death warmed over”, as they say, and in time, the human race as such would be unable to maintain itself.

What I understand better too now is that we actually don’t have enough pranic energy for our ultimate spiritual development UNLESS we do some of those things. This means, expressed in a more ancient way, building the Antakharana, or I think our American Indians call it the Rainbow bridge: from our lower, animal “mind”, to our higher, essential self (soul), an ability which makes us what we are, human and very special as an experiment. More on that later.


  1. sorry Regina if might be not at all clear and well linked to your topic but in general i wanna show thes principles:
    bad energy is part of the good energy and it's her reaction of the corruoted ubiverse to the good one
    devil tries several ways to conquer us until it finds the "right path" to deviate our normal harmonic course
    devil is lower in energy but for this reasons he challenges us to gain profit without working or even living on others men work.
    if we build high walls devil will dig it and if we have high foundations he will hit us by air. if we are air proof, he will use fire to conquer us and if we are not afraid of fire he will use water to drown us.
    but he's not invincible. he wins once , goodness always wins.
    this society is a welcome to devil....should we quit from it or try to redeem it without hurting us so much?

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