Sex as a part of Connected Living?

I am not so sure WHY I promised to talk about sex in my video-blog. I suppose it is part of “Connected Living” and we better discuss it being such a big issue when it comes to connecting: with ourselves, each other, our bodies, life per se.  The longing to connect is after all something familiar to us all.
I did try, but being the person who knows more about sex than anyone I know this side of the Mississippi as we say here in America, I was afraid I would just babble on. So my husband said I had to organize myself and, obediently, I wrote something to cue myself, as I mention in the video.
Then I also looked at my early articles on it that Yuri and I published, and some of the others we offered, written by very intelligent people. Clearly, what I DIDN’T say in my video is that we are over-sexed, over-stimulated, abusing sex in all the wrong ways and don’t even know any more WHAT it is supposed to be for and just “do it” after a stressful day.
That counts for sex with yourself, too, also called masturbating. WHY are we doing what we are doing!? I think it was Christian Opitz, the German genius, who once called sex “secondary only to cocaine” in its addictiveness. As we know, it causes a chemical cascade in the brain that one of the authors we used to feature in the Space of Love magazine, Marnia Robinson (actually an attorney, of all things), had a lot to say about. Her early book: Peace Between the Sheets (Healing With Sexual Relationships), and especially her website ( used to address this much. Also, her newer book: Cupid’s Poisoned Arrow: From Habit To Harmony in Sexual Relationships is very informative.
           Clearly, we have a lot to learn about this and from our Honeymoon days to the daily grind where sex becomes a whole different thing and people don’t even make eye-contact any more nor kiss intimately, Marnia’s and her husband’s idea of “Karezza” is interesting as a different approach to sex and our intimacy needs.

Clearly, you have to study up a bit more on this, because 3 minutes of a video, much to my disappointment, isn’t going to suffice! Ach! And I thought I was going to fix it for you once and for all!


  1. please buy a proper camera or new smartphone before making any new videos, thanks!


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