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Musings on "How to Stay Connected to Reality"

I mentioned on our blog/vlog that I have been deliberating whether or not to continue this free and ad-free, costly endeavor. I have also been telling Yuri that I hate nothing more than people asking for donations before you know it, or memberships, or for you to buy this or the other expensive product. So, since I am into the "sharing economy", but supposed to be looong retired, I thought I would try to absorb the cost of this for some more months and go on "gifting" it. BUT, the ugly truth is, I have to pay bills for us and our daughter regardless of how much I want to "gift" anything. I also told Yuri that to clutter up my beautiful blog ocean-photo with a "press here to make a payment" insult was absolutely unacceptable to me. However, as I always tell my group-members: "I am your 'Research and Development Department' [RDD as we call it in the USA], and you underwrite my work so it is possible." Since I have no t…

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