How to rub the cat the wrong way

Blogging about anything really rubs THIS cat the wrong way. I have no need whatsoever to sit on any computer and write anything, really. "The Swiss train has left the station", I always say to my clients, and "we just threw you onto the coal-wagon in the back. You have to make it to the front-passenger cars by crawling on top of the wagons against the wind, Wild-West style and on your own!"

So, I was trying to find a photo for this blog my dear Yuri promised to set up for me, an image which most represented what we believe in: CONNECTED LIVING – a way to connect from our programmed animal-self to our essential Self; to Nature; Conscious Mind to Unconscious Self; male to female; brain/mind to heart; and…and.

I was thinking about all that this morning as I read something about Yoga (as Patanjali would have taught it) that said: Yoga connects the conscious to the subconscious. Of course it does! (Male to female; mind to body, etc. I thought, Antahkarana style, the First People’s Rainbow Bridge.) 

Why does this surprise me so to see it in print!? Well, we don’t really think much about this utter necessity to bridge over to our Higher Self, away from that unconscious, automatic being that lives in accordance to how its parents, caretakers and teachers programmed it before it could ever have a say and now lives as if that indiscriminate programming was there to stay and it was "I" and there was nothing "I" could do about it.

Well, if we are to believe those thousands of years of sacred teachings and if we apply them properly, than there is really nothing much that can keep us from growing into our true heritage. After all, before we can express our Soul’s individual purpose on this earth, we all have to repeatedly go through "Earth 101" once more, namely learn that 4+3 = 7, not 6. 

That sounds kind-of simple-minded, but after over 40 years of working with people, I can say confidently that us humans need lots of support with rather simple concepts.  And I don’t say that cynically, but with a good measure of realism about how hard it is to be human, not animal and not "just" Spirit, but ½ and ½, connected by Soul, namely Human. And then do what I have been calling "Essentializing" for a few decades, developing that self-observing quality calling us to higher functioning, a supremely human art. (What do they say? It takes ~100 years to learn how to run "our vehicle" right, and by then most people are dead!)

So, I will leave it at that for now, just let you think about the idea that we HAVE to start living more committedly and doing that takes a bit of “wheeling and dealing” with the Psyche, as we know. But, with the newest of brain-sciences on our sides, and me as a trauma therapist, we can sneak right ahead and make for changes we never thought possible. For now, though, we just ponder that!


  1. Ooo Lovely & Insightful !! thank you for sharing this Blog Post even tho it may have been rubbing your fur the wrong way, it is a gem & I shall share it on my FB group "Strangers in A strange Land" Your video is wonderful as well, you have recovered beautifully from what sounded like a serious stroke. You're a testament to your values & insights.
    I feel Inspired to delve deeper on my Connections Now :)


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