A note about re-enlivening water when it has lost Prana

There are three quick ways I use, depending upon the condition of the water and hoping it is at least pure. Distilled water does lose its Prana, and so does boiled water. You might have noticed a dead, flat taste. Solarizing the water, namely exposing it in glass bottles to the Sun for a while, recharges it with Pranic energy. So does pouring it from one glass to another a few times, which always makes me feel so happy and grateful to think that "there it is, water for us to drink". I suppose, such a happy grateful attitude structures water even while we pour it back and forth to restore some of its lost Prana via the life energy of the air.
Also, another blessing thing I was taught as a young woman, as a form of a spiritual exercise, was to sit for a moment with your hands around your full water glass and consciously send loving energy to the water in the glass, via the hands and the heart.
Water likes to be stored in certain kinds of vessels to hold its structure and never in metal (or certainly plastic), but this kind of information goes far beyond the intent of this short introduction. It is wise, however, to be very conscious about what kind of water storage we provide for our water - alive as it is. (Regina B. Jensen, Ph.D., quoted in total with gratitude from S.O.L. Magazine #6, Winter 2010.)
 Paraphrased from Dr. Masaru Emoto's teachings:
            "If we want to help purify and protect our waters, we must make all water sparkle with Love and Gratitude. We now know that every time we think or say loving words when we drink, use or enjoy water, our very words will dance inside of water everywhere this water goes as it cycles all over the world. And so, somewhere on this beautiful earth, another person, animal or plant will fill up with your positive energy." (Quoted in total with gratitude from S.O.L. Magazine #6, Winter 2010.) 


Centerpointe as I offer on my front blog-page has a wonderful resource in tapes with technology that strengthened people's brain as if they had meditated for a much longer time than they did. (I hope I am saying that right!)

Bill Harris of Centerpointe fame had a really powerful question: why DO long-term meditators' brains look different than average people's when examined, he thought? Can one create that kind of "meditator's brain" by exercising it, so to speak? 

I don't think anyone can, at length, do exercises FOR us, and I speak from experience after my accidental stroke: no matter how "brutal" it seemed (to quote my sister), NO-ONE could do my difficult exercises for me and I would have remained crippled had I not told myself over and over: "Suck it up! Just Do it!"

However, while the metaphor serves, the idea that the brain can be prepared to better tolerate sitting quietly and to develop the capacity for stillness (our essential nature and the pre-requisite for true manifesting power), as well as ecstasy is a fascinating-one. Yet I look at it just like climbing a mountain-top. Whereas it might be fun to take the ski-lift up there the first few times to inspire us with the view, but when strong enough, we want the thrill of creating our own experience to the top rather than being presented with it.
The auditory tapes that would help you with that beginning journey are not inexpensive, but so very well worth it. I even get a small "finder's fee" if you should decide to purchase any through that link there.
 Here are a few more additional thoughts by Bill Harris on changing your inner (and outer) circumstance! 

Changing Your Internal Map

by Bill Harris
"Once you decode your Internal Map of Reality, and understand how it drives your thoughts, feelings and behaviors, you can begin to change it for the better, so that you attract what you DO want in life…
...instead of what you don’t want.
(Have you ever noticed that you attract EXACTLY want you DON’T want into your life...over and over? This is your Internal Map at work).
Everyone’s Internal Map is created from their beliefs––about the world, about how life works, about other people, about themselves. Beliefs are those things we hold to be true and that determine our actions and our experience of life.
The brain is a goal seeking mechanism, and a very powerful one. Your brain will either make whatever you believe to be true actually come true in your life or…
...will at least make it seem to be true, which amounts to the same thing.
Many of these heat-seeking beliefs limit your potential and your happiness. The good news is: You can change your beliefs (and your internal map)...
...and as you do, your life changes.
With practice, observation, and ever-increasing awareness, (meditation helps tremendously, by the way) you can override the un-resourceful (negative) aspects of your map of reality and create…
...a life that is real and whole—the life that you want. " (Centerpointe.com, Bill Harris, author.)


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