Connecting with our Higher Self

I didn’t realize how fast the month had passed until today and suddenly thought: WHAT am I going to talk about with respect to our “Connected Living” concerns? Without a moment’s delay, the utterly important notion came to my mind of the urgent necessity of us connecting to what I call Spirit-Side for lack of a better term. In a hurry, it is hard to define where a certain thought or inspiration comes from, such as my thought about my overdue video’s subject matter. Where did that idea come from? My own Higher Self, my well-filled higher brain-mind, or the inspiration of my guides and teachers, as they are called? So, I just coined the term “Spirit-Side” and am very happy with that.

Happy because actually, and that feels even more certain after my conscious out-of-body coma, what we call “the other side” couldn’t be more close. The fact that many of us can’t see or hear the Beings of that inter-connected world is not THEIR short-coming and if we were to interview them, they couldn’t express more frustration with someone begging for help which is there for the taking, while yet literally wrapping themselves in a veritable dark cloud of blocking fear- or anger-emotions as in an overcast day.

So the idea of living with more guidance and protection from that side is appealing to most. But how do we do that other than listening with ears that are still plugged for too many people and eyes seemingly blind as those of moles underground?

Well, one way to develop tools with which to connect is to meditate and spinal-breathe (Pranayama) so as to develop our major spinal nerve twice a day with a useful technique (rather than just sitting there wafting in music and good feelings so that we can stress ourselves a bit better the rest of the day). And while that seems very difficult for many, it is indeed a relatively fast way to eliminate blockages in our system and learn the language we need to develop so as to connect with that other side, our own Higher Self and actually, even our body-intelligence.

WHAT, I often say, really makes connecting with your own true self and to that “Spirit-Side” so hard, even impossible, when instead all we do the rest of the day is what I call “dust-to-dust” living, cultivating things that have very little value further up the ladder of evolution? Yes, these activities for our necessities and to feed and clothe us or our loved-ones are important too, but unless we acquire a few of what the Catholics would call “Fruits of the Spirit”, we are really wasting our time, because these important-seeming concerns are going to fall off of us like a dry clay-mask, as they did for me as soon as I was out of the body. I bet, from above, we look like so many ants carrying items aimlessly from here to there.
I really don’t want to say more right now. I bet I already sound like your mother telling you to brush your teeth, but think about it: WHAT in us makes us have such an aversion to connecting to what is so much more lasting and permanent than our little dust-to-dust brains and bodies?

On this month's video, I talk more about our thought-fields and the notion of synchronicity as two things affecting how well we feel connected to that unseen world. In terms of our thought-fields or intentions, we can create a strong standing-field of positive expectation, or let our own or others’ fear collapse those and turn our fears into negative self-fulfilling prophesies. In terms of synchronicity, our focus and careful attention could teach us to be aware of the subtle but certain guidance through symbolic dynamics in our environment that are there for us all the time. ***


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