What Do We Mean by "Connecting" -- with WHAT!

       Traditionally, November was Thanksgiving month here in the USA and everyone, for better or worse, was busy “giving Thanks”. I had a loss in the immediate family, so I am a bit late with this, and now, we still have a HUGE fire burning in Southern California, with my clients smelling like smoked bacon, and them - evacuated - wetting down their house-roofs before and after their session.

        Well, what DOES that make us think about, especially here on a blog regarding our connectedness? What it all did for me, was wanting to devote this month’s blog and even the short reminder-video to review our purpose with this activity here and to make us think some more about the essence of this blog – namely how well, or not so well, we are connected to:
·       our own selves: spiritually, emotionally; mentally; physically, physiologically;
·       each other: when talking; having what we call “sex”; in the evening when home from work; in our inner thoughts about each other, our animals; plants/environment, etc..
·       some of the other points are almost self-explanatory and it is what we as therapists spend most of our days with. But for instance the dimension I call “Spirit-side” is an interesting issue in point. WHAT is it, first of all, and why should we be connected to something so…ehm…invisible.

All this, of course, is called "awareness" or mindfulness, or awakeness, or a higher level of consciousness; our - uniquely human - capacity so self-observe, etc., etc..
    For instance: In the coffee-shop this morning, we ran into an ooold friend, old in more ways than one and as always, he still made compulsive jokes about sex and girls at his old VERY “shrinkly” age. My husband commented, however, that he looked more sparkly than ever, although he is indeed, very old and if I was him, and after my own out-of-body coma, “wouldn’t want to be caught dead” THIS unconscious and unprepared for such an important transition, as I call it. The ancient Tibetans, Egyptians and Greeks and what we call the "primitive people" had solid traditions around this experience and spent much time honoring it.
    So, I had noticed that fact with the friend as well and started automatically sprinkling some – what I think of – essential information into our conversation here and there, like seeds thrown over a fence, thinking that maybe, some might sprout, others not. I remember for instance, when I was in the coma, thinking how glad I was that I knew what I did from my training and experience, with the information I now had, rather than being some unfortunate, frightened person worried about their next meal.
    There is a lot of material out there on that other world, so close to ours and yet, seemingly so far away. This generation is uniquely equipped to be more in touch with that world without degenerating into the wrong kind of "contact with THEM" while ignoring the dishes in the sink or the needs of our friends, children, plants or animals.

    If I was someone that felt disconnected from the next dimension, I would develop those connecting skills all my life while preparing for my return back “home" (what the famous psychic Edgar Cayce called “becoming a better person”). For instance: practicing 20 minutes of deep meditation with the specific purpose of expanding our capacity for stillness; spinal breathing a little to wake up that slumbering, misunderstood power inside of us, down at the sacrum; and doing some stretches to loosen those blockages we all have from living lives so full with challenges – but all there to teach us, and for us to learn and get stronger and more connected.


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