Bringing in the New World

Being present, connected, awake, aware, are such empty terms unless we find a way to give them meaning in our own busy and preoccupied lives. For instance, after that massive stroke, if I didn’t watch it, my feet would suddenly give out on me, let’s say, on my stairs on which I have jumped back and forth carelessly for almost 40 years. (Although thank God, I rarely fell even though my stroke was partly in the brain's very low balance-center.) Well, let me tell you, thank GOD no one ever saw me, but it is still a HUMILIATING thing for someone as flexible and well-balanced and “elegant” as Dr. Jensen, to crumble down into a lump of pain.
So, guess what I have now out of sheer fear of making an @$$ of myself: I am an automatic Zen-person, walking around with utter alertness and awareness, asking myself all the time: “Are you walking carefully and with attention?” (so as not to fall, but never mind that detail);…”do you need to rush or can you do this task with presence in the body and with connectedness to all the aspects of your Being?”, so to speak. But also now: “Are you looking at this person with what we might call your deeper eyes, our soul-eyes?"; or “are your heart and soul reaching out to this person?"
    It might be confusing in a time when we have been taught to be so impressed by nothing much. I have, for instance, two Ph.D.s and two health licenses. Do you really think that would do me ANY good, unless I would have learned to use that knowledge in humility and compassion on my next-door neighbor and my HUSBAND or children with my soul-self engaged? Never mind some grateful seminar-participant I will never see again. AT HOME, can you be nice? Heart-connected? Say “good-night” to your dog or cat in a soulful way that makes them grunt?? Talk to your trees and plants and be grateful to them and see them produce twice as much fruit out of sheer joy?
We are so taken by supposedly important-sounding titles and so-called - often ridiculous - scientific-sounding research, when in reality, we can't produce what it takes to be a simple, grounded - here is the word again - connected human being making other people happy to be around us by way of our loving and therefore resonant energy-field? An energy-field (or aura) that causes everything around us to align better waves of energy as also a lovely music-instrument would do, or a drum sending out brain-wave-changing sounds, only, we would do it quietly?

So, back to us changing and bringing in the so-called New World as we are able to create it: CAN we use our dust-to-dust eyes as I call them, to let our eternally alive soul shine through them, and come through our ears to only hear the best of what someone is saying (or screaming) at us in apparent anger and let the rest drop away, our heart wide open, pretending it has smiley-eyes on it, so that the world as we want it comes forth from each and every one of us - - because THAT is the way this confused world will change, and ONLY in that way. But it will. We can do it! Happy "radiating out" to each other in this new and wonderful year!


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