Creation and "parallel races"

So I promised on my video to discuss what I called "parallel races" some more and their utterly important function in creation, and in our - healthy - lives. It is actually their function that makes a fruit or vegetable vital looking and tasting, not actually the vitamins and minerals in the soil, although they are important too. We probably have never been so far away from this knowledge with our high-falutin, pseudo-scientific minds, myself included with my two Ph.D.'s and two licenses. THAT does not do anyone any good when it comes to what we call "meeting our maker", because it is information in our rational (what I call dust-to-dust) forebrain.
So, as I already said, my first introduction 40-some years ago to this material was a bit...airy-fairy, no pun intended. Meanwhile I have arranged that body of knowledge a little bit more comprehensibly, but as I said, it will always be hard to talk about, because it does not exist in the realm of words and the left-brain. A little bit like that book-title "If you Meet the Buddha on the Road, Kill Him", telling us that anything we could explain with our everyday mind is NOT the Buddha (invisible, spiritual realm).
I tried to explain at the end of the video how the function of those races is that of putting what we call matter around our thought-forms, so to speak, like a construction crew looks at an architect's plan and then constructs accordingly. So, when I was young I was told in these rather cute-sounding terms that "the apple-blossom fairies" were NOT going to start suddenly coloring these blossoms yellow, or the Narcissus pink. They were very disciplined. Back then, as I mentioned, I thought all this a little too much for my scientific mind. Now, however, I understand the concept of an intervening building-energy to bridge the gap between gross matter (our world) and the very fine world of Spirit. These centers of consciousness take our thought structures, I understand, and fill in what we want to see when we set a goal, or, when we DON'T set a goal as in, being afraid of something. These builder-consciousnesses will STILL take those thoughts and build around our "goal-setting", good or fearfully anticipated.

I think I will leave it at that for now, so we can start digesting some of this weird information and understand that we have to heal and re-create our connection to this...kingdom, if we want to see our gardens grow. And you WILL see it right away! I have seen what others will think of  as miracles, with plants responding as pets would. (As those of you believe who know about Anastasia's words.)


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