Musings on "How to Stay Connected to Reality"

I mentioned on our blog/vlog that I have been deliberating whether or not to continue this free and ad-free, costly endeavor. I have also been telling Yuri that I hate nothing more than people asking for donations before you know it, or memberships, or for you to buy this or the other expensive product.
So, since I am into the "sharing economy", but supposed to be looong retired, I thought I would try to absorb the cost of this for some more months and go on "gifting" it. BUT, the ugly truth is, I have to pay bills for us and our daughter regardless of how much I want to "gift" anything.
I also told Yuri that to clutter up my beautiful blog ocean-photo with a "press here to make a payment" insult was absolutely unacceptable to me.
However, as I always tell my group-members: "I am your 'Research and Development Department' [RDD as we call it in the USA], and you underwrite my work so it is possible."
Since I have no time, money nor interest to "run a blog" having been sensitive to computer energy for many decades and don't know whether or not you even profit or like my endeavors at all (although some of you left the sweeetest messages, as Yuri showed me), I figured, "you know what" are going to know right away whether it is helping, is liked or valued, used, wanted by the way people are showing you by helping to create it, so to speak. Anyway, let's see!
Here is the link I thought we might use to my personal Paypal account, which will also connect donors to my personal email. I hope I set it up so it works! I am a bit of a Neo-Luddite person at heart when it comes to technology! ("Anything people can do and create community and togetherness, we shouldn't try to replace with robotic technology.") And whoever makes more that a $25.- donation gets 25% off of my phone-fee, a service which I thought I was never going to offer to a "stranger". But you aren't, right?
Anyway, on to more important things, like: Connecting to ourselves, each other and the world:
Have you noticed what nature does when you connect with its plants and animals? That, as I mentioned before but to repeat: plants and animals thrive in the most amazing ways, wild animals stop running away and stay close, trees bear the most RIDICULOUS amounts of fruits "to please you" and express how much they like your attention. As I said on the video, those of you who are familiar with Vladimir Megre's Anastasia books will understand what sounds so ludicrous when some people first read it: A cherry-tree was ...ehm...sad because you didn't value its few - sour - fruits?
Well, let me tell you, Anastasia saying that plants are actually more evolved that animals makes total sense to me when observing all that and also, when I first read how Shamans used trees to help disciples to organize their unhealthy energy-fields.

Your Donations Make My Work Possible (Connects to my Personal Paypal account and personal email for donators!)
Thank You for your Support for Helping to Bring Sanity Back To This World - Together we can do it!
We have set up a Credit Card service with PAYPAL for me to accept Credit Cards online. You just click on the PAYPAL logo below:
(No Checks are Acceptable Now...  But we are happy to discuss another form of payment with you.)

Thank you for supporting our "Re-Connection" effort. Your kindness will be HUGELY honored as - our - continuing work and greatly appreciated.

All the best


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